Core Assets

REDHAWK core assets include basic components, devices, and waveforms, as well as shared libraries. The release notes for all REDHAWK core assets can be accessed through this page.

What’s New - June 2019

Newly released REDHAWK core assets with REDHAWK 2.2.3 include:

REDHAWK core assets released post-REDHAWK 2.2.2 include:

REDHAWK Basic Components                                                      
rh.agc rh.AmFmPmBasebandDemod rh.ArbitraryRateResampler
rh.autocorrelate rh.DataConverter rh.fastfilter
rh.fcalc rh.FileReader rh.FileWriter
rh.HardLimit rh.psd rh.psk_soft
rh.RBDSDecoder rh.SigGen rh.SinkSDDS
rh.sinksocket rh.SinkVITA49 rh.SourceSDDS
rh.sourcesocket rh.SourceVITA49 rh.TuneFilterDecimate
REDHAWK Basic Devices                                                              
rh.FmRdsSimulator rh.MSDD rh.RTL2832U
REDHAWK Basic Waveforms                                                        
rh.basic_components_demo rh.FM_mono_demo rh.FM_RBDS_demo
rh.short_file_to_float_file rh.socket_loopback_demo rh.VITA49_loopback_demo
REDHAWK Shared Libraries                                                         
rh.blueFileLib rh.dsp rh.fftlib
rh.RedhawkDevUtils rh.VITA49